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Generate More Seller Leads in Less Time  
At a Fraction of the Cost Than Old Traditional Flyer Mail Methods...

Increase your flyer mail results in today's online marketplace when you use the Match & Mirror strategy!

Secret #1
People Follow Patterns

It is said that approximately 90% of all people looking at real estate go to the Internet to search for properties. It should make perfect sense then that you must drive 100% of all your online and off-line traffic to "one" of your websites and not to initially try for the phone call! This is referred to as sales gravity and sales gravity takes place naturally, almost as if it were an irrefutable law. When we spot natural tends such as this where the vast majority of people follow a pattern, we need set up special conditions to encourage people to enter our funnel. We do this with a series of easy to implement duplicatable strategies.

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Secret #2
Use Emotionally Engaging Value Propositions

When running a targeted flyer mail campaign, you must use emotionally engaging value propositions, or offers that appeal to individual Sellers three highest wants. When surveyed 80% of Sellers said they want either The Most Money, The Quickest Sale or The Fewest Problems! Therefore to run a proper flyer campaign you will need several Mirror Mailer websites. This strategy will enable you to make multiple emotionally engaging offers and more importantly see the results as to what offers are profitable.

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Secret #3
One Offer Per Flyer

When a Seller goes to a website, one that matches and mirrors your flyer and only has one emotionally engaging value propositon, the website visitor will be less confused knowing they are in the right place and have found what they are looking for. Because of this perfect set of conditions, they will be less likely start surfing away from your website. This is happens because when the one thing and only the one thing they responded to is on your website and it is easily able to be obtained with a few keystrokes, their resistance to follow through giving you their contact information has been increased...

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Flyer Mail Secrets

A website and a matching flyer will produce significantly higher conversions

One of the big secrets to effectively managing a flyer campaign that actually produces a profit, is to set up a website that is an exact duplicate of the flyer. This causes the website visitors to know immediately that they are at the right place, so there is very little distraction.

We've tested this across other platforms and in every instance we have seen better results because of this strategy. When the website and the flyer mirror one another, combined with offering the visitor only what they originally navigated to your webpage for... You'll see higher opt ins!

Make them more than one offer, or have them make multiple decisions and they will navigate away from your webpage.


Capture, Nurture and Convert More Leads

Turn more leads into clients when you use the built-in marketing and lead management tools of the Advance Websites integrated CRM and client automated search tools...

  • Email lead alerts
  • Custom web forms
  • Activity tracking
  • Open house notifications
  • Print and web brochures
  • Instant listing presentations
  • Predictive marketing
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Prospect groups
  • Reports and analytics

Happy Clients

What our clients say about us

  • I highly recommend James Osmar and the SellingToolz system but you need to have systems in place to follow up the many leads you will get. He manages the Gold Rush Internet Leads and manages our Google Pay Per Click leads which is an extra cost for whatever Google charges which for me is about $400 per month and we generate about 150 leads per month. 

    Thomas Bagogloo
  • The entire system works awesome, I love it and like that we can easily integrate it with Top Producer for our mail programs.

    Goran Todorovic
  • Sellingtoolz.com increased my internet lead sales productivity from <1% to almost 10% in one year.  This represented an increase in number of new sales, not simply a shift in the numbers.

    Tony Joe
  • The thing I like most about Advance Websites with Selling Toolz, beyond the fact that it is a very responsive lead generation system, is that he can have his leads funneled directly into Top Producer using the third-party CRM Technology that the Advance Websites system offers. I also like that his listings are automatically uploaded to the website and displaying to his website visitors minimizing the amount of time managing listings on the site. As well as the fact that we are able to display thousands of listings on our Advance Website where our clients can set up and manage their own searches making our premier branded website their go to source for our clients and prospects. 

    Rob Golfi
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